Frequently Asked Questions

Morrinsville Motorama FAQs

  • What is the entry fee for the event?
    Participation in the Car Cruise on Saturday is free. The drive-in movie is $25 per car and includes entry for all passengers. The breakdown for Saturday is as follows:
    • $5 per show car (includes passengers)
    • $10 per public car (this is for on-site parking only and includes all passengers)
    • $5 per person (these are for walk-ins at the gate)
    Due to the location of the grounds we highly recommend using the on-site parking we provide as parking off-site will be minimal.
  • How much is entry for Trucks and Motorbikes?
    Entry is free for trucks and motorbikes. Trucks are welcome to the drive-in movie, access, however, will be by appointment only from 6:00PM-8:00PM. Trucks onsite by this time can remain on site until morning.
  • Can I bring my dog with me?
    Dogs are allowed at the event, however, we ask that they are not left in vehicles as it gets incredibly hot in the sumer, kept on leash and you are mindful of where your dog is leave their waste. Please pick up after them.
  • Will there be on-site parking?
    There is on-site parking available for public entry. The entry fee for this is $10 and includes the driver and all passengers in the vehicle. We strongly recommend using the parking we provide as you'll have quick access to the event and it'll be much cheaper than paying $5 per person.
  • I'm interested in being a Sponsor for the event, where can I find out more?
    We always appreciate donations from sponsors, we have three sponsor tiers with different offerings. Please use our contact form or send us an email at
  • Who do we contact to book a Swappers or Traders site?
    For all Swappers please contact Kerry on 0274534090. The cost for a Swapper site is $20. For all Trade sites please contact Todd on 0274927337. The cost for a Trade site is $50. Alternatively, you can use our contact form to register your interest.
  • Can Swappers camp at the grounds overnight?
    Swappers will be allowed to stay at the grounds Saturday night. This is by appointment only and you will need to contact either Todd on 0274927337 or use our contact form. The cost to stay the night is $40. You will not be allowed to set up your site until Sunday morning.
  • Which charity does Morrinsville Motorama support?
    We do our best to help others in the community, one way we do this is making donations to local charities. One charity we support is Kids in Need Waikato. Kids in Need Waikato helps foster children, with little to no belongings, transition into new homes. For more information about the organisation and the owner or how you can help visit their facebook page at
  • We're part of a group, can we park together?
    There will be a small area in the gate for groups to gather before entering into the staging area, this is a small space so you will not be able to wait there long. We suggest arriving together and using the area to re-group before being parked.
  • What prizes are there on Sunday?
    We will have various spot prizes throughout the day so keep an ear out for those. There are prizes at the end of the day for The Top 5 Cars, Best Truck, and Best Bike.
  • What is the truck convoy?
    Every year before the main show on Sunday the trucks convoy around Morrinsville before entering the grounds through the Anzac Avenue entrance.
    Any truckies that are interested in participating are to meet on Sunday 12 February 2023 along Anderson Street from 8:30AM, facing East/towards The Warehouse. The trucks will leave from 9:00AM and follow the route below to enter the grounds around 9:20AM. Trailers are allowed. truck convoy route
  • Where do we meet for the Mystery Cruise?
    We meet along Moorhouse St in front of the police station with the cruise starting at 11:00pm. This gives people enough time to get there, meet new people, and look at the cars. The cruise is around 150km long, and meets back at the Top Pub at 4:00pm for food, drinks, and prizes. There is no charge for the cruise
  • What time does the drive-in movie start?
    The gates for the drive-in movie open at 6:00pm to give people enough time to get into the grounds. The movie will start once it begins to get dark, usually some time between 8:30-9:00pm.